Used & Refurbished Ultrasound Machines from MedTech Imaging Inc.
GE Vivid i

The GE Vivid i combines advanced technology, funtionality and portablity. The Vivid i, weighing less than 5 kilograms, preforms with the same full-featured imaging and high performace capacity as as system that is almost 30 times as heavy. The lightweight and wireless design of the Vivid i makes it the premium choice for point of patient care.

Features include:
  • Full-scale System Capabilities
  • Outstanding Image Quality
  • Wireless File Transfer
  • Compact Portable Design
Applications include:
  • Cardiac
  • Vascular
  • Abdominal

This miniturized ultrasound system allows more time for clinicians to concentrate on the patient and not the machine. While the wireless connections allows the doctor to wirelessly transfer files for consultations or directly to the patients bedside for review. This compact system is the ultimate in offering outstanding image quality for efficient and accurate assessments. Plus, access to complete, real-time diagnostic information enables the user to have access to a full-scale system capabilities without having to deal with the contraints (size, wires, weight) of a larger system.

All of our diagnostic ultrasound systems are in excellent condition. Each system is reconditioned as needed and is certified to meet manufacturer specifications.